Hi I’m Alex and film is my native language.
It's how I speak, it’s how I see, it’s how I connect with the world; and the impact of moving pictures on a screen have made me who I am today.​​​​​​​
I have a passion for telling stories and I'm in love with film & the empathy it incites. That passion and love has driven me to become involved in numerous aspects of filmmaking over the past several years.
 I most frequently take on the role of actor, and that's my main pursuit. However I've also spent years becoming skilled in editing, cinematography, writing, & directing. I've written & directed four of my own short films and had a central role in production of more than two dozen others. I love every aspect of making films and I intend to spend my life continuing to do so, in whatever role the day requires.
This site features an overview of my work. Look around, watch some videos, & please reach out if you're interested in working with me.